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It’s the new year and a new beginning for you and your business. This 2021 is all about growing your business. Your business deserves center stage, and our premium print 2021 calendar Singapore can put your business in its best light – the spotlight.

Calendars are often overlooked as a marketing tool. However, they have a number of advantages over other types of print advertising. Everybody uses calendars, and most people have at least one physical one in their homes. They are looked at on a regular basis and remain in visual range for a long time. Calendars are one of the most discreet but efficient ways to build brand awareness.


Wall Calendar


2021 calendar Singapore

Having a wall calendar with your company’s marketing message on it will keep your company’s name in front of your clients for 365 days a year. People usually hang them on their office walls, getting a subtle reminder of your brand and what you offer everyday.


Desktop Calendar


2021 calendar Singapore

Desk calendars come in handy especially when you want clients to remember your business name, contacts, and location. Also, everyone needs a desktop calendar! Your desktop calendars will help your clients keep track of important dates, events, appointments and meetings. They are also effective in encouraging referrals as clients can easily direct other clients to your brand.


Tent Card Calendar


2021 calendar Singapore

Picture your company, everywhere. These teeny scene-stealers can leave a big impression of your company. This is because tents card calendars are an efficient and very visible way of displaying information.


30% OFF 2021 Calendar Singapore


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