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Car window decals are common type of commercial graphic displays. A thin vinyl film is used to create static cling, which adheres to various surfaces. They are typically exhibited on glass doors and windows. They can, however, also be displayed on flat metal or plastic.

Singaporeans spends the most time on the road every day. Car Window decals is a good tool to display your brand’s identity as it can increase your company’s exposure while driving. You can even broadcast your message (as well as your contact details) to other drivers with our durable and long-lasting car window decals.

Standard Sizes Available :

  • 90 mm x 55 mm
  • 75 mm x 75 mm
  • 100 mm x 100 mm
  • 110 mm x 90 mm
  • 165 mm x 90 mm
  • 220 mm x 90 mm
  • 120 mm x 115 mm
  • 165 mm x 135 mm
  • 450 mm x 110 mm
  • 450 mm x 310 mm

Tips for designing a good Window Decal

  • Grab a measurement tape and choose the size based on the amount of Car Window Decal space you have.
  • To make your sticker stand out, choose bold letters and vivid, high-contrast colours.
  • Keep it simple. People only have a short amount of time to read your text and contact information.
  • Determine your target audience before choosing a face-in or face-out view.

Car Decal Printing Options

Face In View

  • Decal when viewed from inside of the window.
  • Pasted on the inner side of the window.

Face Out View

  • Decal when viewed from outside of the window.
  • Pasted on the inner side of the window.

Double Side View

  • Decal when viewed from both sides of the window
  • Pasted on the inner side of the window.

Decals are Great for

Car Workshops

Car Dealers

Motor Insurance

House Residents

Club Membership

Drive Thru Restaurants

Product Specifications

Material : Static Cling

Printing : UV Printing

Finishing : Full White backing/ Spot White backing

Additional Finishing : Serial Numbers


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