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Artwork Checklist

Creating a new document in Adobe Illustrator is very simple. We will explain those in the following tutorial.

Create Your Artwork

Creating a new document in Adobe Illustrator with the right settings straight away is very simple.

Set and Check Format

It is important to check if the format of your artwork file matches the product you want to buy online!

Set Bleed and Margins

Don't forget to set bleed of 3mm, as well as a security margin of 3mm!

Use High Resolution Images

Ensure that the images you use have a resolution of at least 300 DPI.

Select CMYK Color Mode

In order to ensure high print quality, it is crucial that you set your document's color mode to CMYK.

Convert Fonts to Outlines

Change your artwork's fonts to curves to avoid compatibility issues and printing problems.

Save as PDF-X1a

Save your artwork as a PDF-X1a file for optimal compatibility.

Configure Grey Colors

Set up your grey colors only with black (K), and no C, M, or Y!

Configure Black Colors

Black can actually cause a lot of trouble during printing if not correctly used

Configure Fine Lines

Don't forget to properly configure thin lines and small elements to ensure readability.

Online Design Tutorials

Use our Online Designer to custom your unique design from scratch with powerful tool we have.

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