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Save as PDF-X1a


Generating a PDF / X-1a file

Ensure the security margins and bleed are set compliant with our requirement, before saving your artwork as a PDF To ensure a perfect result, please set a bleed of 3mm, and a safety margin of 3mm as well.

Once you made sure that your file is ready for printing, click File ? Save As in the Top Menu.

To save as PDF-X1a, click Save As...

Under Format, choose Adobe PDF (pdf), and then click “Save”. This will open a window for PDF specifications.

Select Adobe PDF under Save As: , then save

In this window, set the Adobe PDF Preset field to the [High-Quality Print] option. In some Adobe Illustrator versions, this menu might only show a “Custom” option. In any case, set Standard to PDF/X-1a:2001, and tick the Optimize for Fast Web View, and View PDF after Saving options in the Options panel.

Choose PDF-X1a standard and set Preset to High Quality Print

Ensuring the printed properly cut, select “Marks and Bleeds”. Tick the boxes “Trim Marks” and “Registration Marks” on the Marks panel. In the Bleeds panel, tick the “Use Document Bleed Settings” option.

Set trim marks and registration marks and use document bleed settings

After ensure once again that all settings have selected as described above, click Save PDF.


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